buytolet-380x250If you are a uni student it is important to use your time in an efficient way.Therefore most of the students are concerned about being right next door to campus, instead of getting stressed and rush to attend lectures.

For some, it’s about getting some peace and quiet for those inevitable cram sessions. For others it is the opportunity to go to GYM or use the pool and hang out with friends.

This means – for a lot of university students  – affordability is not the only one non-negotiable topic when searching for a rental property.

Knowing where to find affordable & comfortable properties is the hard part, especially if you’re new to that City. Universities can have vast catchment zones of surrounding suburbs, ranging from the lower to higher end of the rental market. But as much as you would like to have an affordable place , you want to have the ability to get social too.

In İZMİR, there is a new part called Seyrek where Gediz University has a big Campus. There are several options to reach the Campus which will require a lot of travel time every morning and after the lessons are finished. This is the main reason why students prefer to stay away from the crowded city center, the parking problem, noise , dirty air. The projects developed around this area have started to change Seyrek; different types of housing , shopping center  have been rapidly rising with commercial social space.

It is just the right time to invest for buy-to-let options in this area and #StartkeyABC is your trusted advisor for all Real Estate investments in Turkey.

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How to get to Seyrek?

Option1: You can use the İzmir Subway. You can get to the “Ulukent” station from any location in İzmir via the İzmir Subway and get on one of the free “Ring” shuttles to get to our Seyrek Campus.

Option2: Via Public Transportation Vehicles. You can get to the Ulukent stop by using the public transportation buses operated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, and then get one of the free “Ring” shuttles to get to our Seyrek Campus. To see a list of the public transportation buses that stop at Ulukent station after departing from certain locations in İzmir.

Option3: Via County Buses. You can get to Ulukent station by using the county buses that shuttle from İzmir to Foça, Menemen, and Aliağa, then get one of the free “Ring” shuttles to get to our Seyrek Campus.

Notes :Click here to get information about bus schedules… Seyrek – Menemen / Koyundere – Villakent :

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